Alternative Care

Pranic Healing. “Energy healing” All beings have an energy field around them, often known as the aura that looks like a luminous ball of light.  Anything in life that disturbs us, such as stress at work, fear, sadness and loneliness, arguments and frustrations, makes this luminous energy field (aura) dimmer, imbalanced and full of holes and greyish energies. This, in the long run appears as pain, discomfort, physical and psychological problems.

Most people use medicine to remove their illnesses.

Sometimes it is a necessary thing to do, but in many cases this has side effects. Especially, dealing with psychological issues, since the cause has not been addressed and could not be completely cured.

An alternative solution is using complementary treatment, along with medicine!

With Pranic Healing, I am better able to detect the problems and imbalances in the aura and carefully remove them using a fairly simple technique that involves no touching and often is used as a standalone (no drugs) or as an adjunct with traditional medicine.

Mind Body Connection: Your body has untold intelligence to share with you. Yet it may have subtler, different ways to communicate with you. Tune in often to learn what they are. I have studied YOGA extensively and can teach you the power of relaxation breathing, being present and listening to your body’s intelligence. I have learned many other techniques from advanced classes with Dr.s Kathlyn and Gay Hendricks (leaders in mind-body-therapy).

Extended office appointments when needed

Telephone visits available (for established patients under certain circumstances)

Patricia Faust, Nurse Practitioner, Tempe Arizona